Variable Frequency Drive Conversions

Variable Frequency Drive Conversions

When confronted with the task of replacing an existing hydraulic drive unit, our design engineers and field technicians developed our new Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) system.

Through extensive in plant studies, our system has been proven to increase reliability and efficiency while decreasing maintenance costs. The old hydraulic drive system is a separate unit that provides high pressure, high volume hydraulic oil required for driving the filler. Our VFD drive system is electrically driven from underneath the filler, therefore eliminating the need for the hydraulic drive, its attachments, and the possible contaminates involved with hydraulic oils and fluids. By using an AC Inverter, our system provides soft stops and starts to minimize wear to the drive gears and other wearable parts. Our drive system also provides ramp up and ramp down features to coincide with the infeed and discharge conveyors. When teamed with the central processing unit our VFD drive conversion has precise bottle awareness through out the filling line to maximize filling potential and to minimize down time associated with bottle jams and line backups. Our infeed safety gate also assists with detecting bottle jams in the worm screw, by activating the safety switch when a jam is detected. Our safety gate also features a manual bottle stop, to halt bottles entering the filler with out stopping the rotation of the filler. This feature enhances the life of the filler as well as increases overall efficiency.


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