Pneumatic Bowl Elevation & Capper Elevation Conversion

Pneumatic Bowl Elevation & Capper Elevation Conversion

Our New Pneumatic Bowl & Capper Elevation Conversion is an essen­tial component in minimizing change over time when considering filler bowl and capper adjustments.

We have changed what was once a two man job, and reduced it to a one man change over. By utilizing special Jacks, Shafts, Couplings and Pneumatic Motors, we have eliminated the old hand cranks to offer your service crew the ability to simply move the lever in the specific direction in which adjustment is needed. More­over, with strategic positioning of the control levers we allow the tech­nician the ability to adjust the bowl or capper with one hand while mon­itoring the height adjustments and bottle clamp with the other. By im­plementing our elevation systems, you are guaranteed to lower your changeover time, while lowering your maintenance costs.


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