Valve Lever/Closer Conversion

Valve Lever/Closer Conversion

World Packaging has created a durable valve lever conversion and closer tracks system to replace the old-style SST and brass butterfly levers and attachments.

Our valve lever conversion replaces the old style SST & Brass Butterfly Levers and its attachments, with our new Low Maintenance, Low Cost Levers similar to those used on the New Family Tri-Star Fillers. We have replaced the old SST/Brass Valve lever with a heavy-duty TFE material. In studies, we have found our Levers to enhance the efficiency of our machines by providing smooth and precise opens and closures, maintaining constant lever tension, and the biggest plus is they do not require maintenance. We have found that by using a wave washer for tensioning, in lieu of springs, this provides a wider area of tension on the valve lever, this keeps the lever stable and makes lever adjustments easier and less time consuming.

We have designed our new Valve Closer Tracks with the Maintenance crew in mind. We manufactured the new tracks out of Stainless Steel with sloped tracks. This has been proven to work very well with the new style valve lever. For increased efficiency we have designed the closer tracks to have the tension spring mounted on the outside of the levers. When the springs eventually wear, replacement takes only minutes. The old style spring, replacement required dismantling the closer, replacing the spring, and then re­assembly of the closer and finally make adjustments to the spring, Taking Roughly 45 minutes for the new spring. 45 minutes of more production pays for the new closer tracks in Months.

Our replacement system offers the following advantages:

  • Low maintenance
  • Low cost
  • Heavy-duty TFE material rather than SST and brass
  • Greater efficiency
    • Provides smooth, precise opens and closures
    • Maintains constant lever tension
    • Requires no maintenance
  • Uses a wave/cone washer design for tension instead of springs, creating a wider area of tension on the valve lever that keeps the lever stable and makes lever adjustments easier and less time consuming
  • Redesigned closer tracks
    • Made of stainless steel
    • Sloped, which works well with the new valve lever
    • The tension spring is mounted on the outside of the levers for easy replacement, saving forty-five minutes of production since no dismantling is required—the conversion thereby paying for itself in months

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