Stainless Steel Upgrade Package for Meyer Fillers

Stainless Steel Upgrade Package for Meyer Fillers

If you have a filler in disrepair because of rust and corrosion, you do not have to throw the entire machine away. Instead of spending money on an expensive new filler update your existing filler with World Packaging’s stainless steel upgrade package.

Now you can add years to your current Meyer 52v / 65v and 78v filler by upgrading to all stainless steel.

Upgrade to include:

  • Stainless-steel base & hanger assembly (REF: 70046-52-WP) 139,302
    • Stainless-steel base
    • Stainless-steel hanger
    • New main bearing
  • Stainless-steel capper base & and column assembly
    • SST module base
    • SST bearing housing
    • New capper drive gear and bearings
    • New hard plated cast steel column
  • Columns & jacks assembly (REF: 70073DA-WP)
    • 3 jactuator assemblies with 3-way gearbox, shafts and couplings
    • 3 stainless-steel bowl column upper and lower assemblies with flanges
    • 3 stainless-steel bowl cover columns
  • Main drive gear train (REF: 8000719)
    • 2 stainless-steel epicyclical gears
    • Polymer drive gears to include 84T closure drive gear and 112T gear.
    • SST pinion drive gear Stainless-steel drive shafts
    • Stainless-steel channels, plates, spacers, angles and supports
    • Stainless-steel pinion gear, nut and drive pinion gear
    • New bearings, couplings, sprockets, bushings, keys (stainless-steel)
    • Stainless-steel hubs for drive gears
  • Main drive assembly (REF: G70101LF-SST)
    • Star shafts assembly (REF: 70188WP-1)
    • Stainless-steel star shaft hubs
    • Stainless-steel shafts
    • New bearings, collars, splash guards and keys

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