Stainless Steel Product Line Upgrade

Stainless Steel Product Line Upgrade

Replaces all product line components with stainless steel and utlizing the latest in sealing technolgy and material.

One of our latest engineering upgrades for the Meyer Tri-Star fillers is our stainless steel rotary product line. We have replaced the old aluminum tube and Teflon sleeves, with an all welded stainless steel construction. By implementing a seamless product line system and the latest in sealing technology we have created a product line that will definitely increase your efficiencies and lower your maintenance costs. Our stainless steel product tube is seamless and polished to decrease the amount of friction. Our seals our made of a highly durable and FDA approved material that proves to be longer lasting and more wear resistant against heat, chemicals and friction. By combining the two, our product line eliminates the old aluminum tubes and o-ring seals and will definitely increase overall efficiency by minimizing product loss and decreasing maintenance costs.


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