Stainless Steel Lift Cylinder Upgrade

Stainless Steel Lift Cylinder Upgrade

World Packaging Company, Inc. has designed a new stainless steel air lift cylinder that includes a “closed loop” positive pull down system—meaning the system retains the air, internally maintaining constant airlift pressure. This system has many functions designed to minimize downtime and costly maintenance, increasing efficiencies by as much as 50 to 60 percent.

Our Stainless Steel lift cylinder conversion for the Meyer 52-65-78 Tri-Star Fillers consists of an all welded Stainless steel cylinder, Stainless steel guide rod & piston rods, delrin bushings and pistons, and rubber U-cups. These heavy-duty non-corrosive materials help Minimize wear to the cylinders while keeping the cylinder Lift constant and precise. This is a must when using PET containers.

The old style fiberglass cylinders, though efficient for the times, once worn, create lower efficiencies and higher maintenance. Some of the changes made contributing to higher efficiencies are:

  1. The rubber U-cup design replaces the use of piston-rings and o-Rings and provides longer lasting and less maintenance intensive lift cylinders.
  2. Our Greaseless cam followers eliminate the high cost, high maintenance Steel rollers. The benefits of using this roller include: no required maintenance no required lubrication, less wear to the pull down cam, and the costs are about one-third the costs of the old steel rollers.
  3. Our new Stainless steel adjustable guide rods adds the dimension of allowing each cylinder to be adjusted individually, This feature allows for Quick & Easy Height adjustments when a particular valve station incurs sealing and filling problems. This adjustment can be done in seconds compared to hours, allowing more filling time and less product loss.

For years our staff has looked for better and more efficient ways of filling. Our Short Stroke Conversion for the Tri­-Star Fillers is the culmination of engineering and design excellence. Simply put, We have Shortened the stroke of the cylinder by adding a special Pull Down Cam and special guide rods. We have found that by limiting the distance in which the cylinder lifts we can improve bottle handling, bottle transfers, and most of all provide exact precision lifts when entering the filler with less wear to the cylinder. Our system is definitely a win/win offering in that while increasing the filling efficiencies, we also extend the life of the cam and cylinders by limiting the amount of pressure exerted when entering and exiting the pull down cam.

  • Upgrade your current Bottle Lift Cylinders to our proven Stainless Steel design consisting of a polished high grade 316 SST construction lift and bottle pad.
  • Our design operates by air displacement in which air transferred through a manifold from the cylinder in the down mode to the cylinder in the uplift mode and operates is equipped with an air cushion that pushes the bottle upwards against the filling valve.
  • This design eliminates contaminate air being exhausted by standard conventional lift cylinders in the filling environment.
  • The infeed lift cylinders are pulled downward in correspondence to the discharge lift cylinders by high impact durable plastic cam rollers mounted on the base of each cylinder following the profile of our SST pull down/uplift cam.
  • Our low maintenance lift cylinders consist of one (1) u cup therefore rebuild kits consist of three (3) low cost wear items and are easy to maintain.  

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