Remanufactured Fillers

Remanufactured Fillers

Our remanufactured fillers provide the speeds of today’s machines at a fraction of the new machine cost!

Enjoy almost all of the benefits of a new Meyer/World beverage filler for up to 40 percent less than a new model with a remanufactured filler from World Packaging Company, Inc.

We remanufacture fillers in our own plant using American-made high-grade materials and the latest in filling technology and enhancements.

Our remanufactured fillers feature the following advantages and components:

  • All new stainless steel lift cylinders and guide rods
    • SST cylinders, guide rods & piston rods.
    • "Closed loop" positive pulldown system retains the air internally, maintaining constant airlift pressure.
    • No more unreliable & costly spool valves.
    • No more contaminants being expelled into the air.
    • No more need for grippers, backrests & neck supports.
    • Saves money on replacement parts & time spent on maintenance.
  • Infeed Gearbox
    • Provides precise bottle handling.
    • Designed to minimize the amount of backlash in the worm screw.
    • Safety clutch designed to minimize damage & downtime when & if a bottle jam should occur.
    • Eliminates the need to disassemble the infeed system, reducing the time & manpower needed for changeovers.
  • Belt Drive System
    • Special flange bearings, heavy duty HTD belts and drive motor eliminate the majority of vibrations and noise associated with the old chain drive system.
    • Increases production & efficiency while reducing maintenance costs.
    • Provides soft starts and stops.
    • Eliminates the need for drive sprockets and chains.
    • Improves the air quality of the filling room by eliminating the contaminates around the filler.
  • New state of the art electro-pneumatic valve opener
    • PLC controlled to provide precision & accuracy.
    • Fewer moving parts & no bottle contact, (a must when running PET containers & pre-labeled packages).
    • State-of-the-art sensors for precise bottle awareness resulting in no product loss, no CO2 loss & precise fill heights.
    • Relieves foaming on carbonated Products.
    • Virtually maintenance free.
  • New high speed, PLC controlled variable frequency electric drive
  • All new Liquid Level Control system with stainless steel fittings
  • New stainless steel cladding on the machine base
  • Stainless steel short stroke pull down cam for improved bottle handling
  • Updated heavy duty closer column
  • Easy to understand operator control panel
  • Over the weekend installation and zero downtime made possible by our exclusive "Filler Exchange" program
  • Brand new stainless steel hangers, filler bases and R-21A filling valves are also available if needed

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