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World Packaging Company, Inc. has designed a new stainless steel air lift cylinder that includes a “closed loop” positive pull down system—meaning the system retains the air, internally maintaining constant airlift pressure. This system has many functions designed to minimize downtime and costly maintenance, increasing efficiencies by as much as 50 to 60 percent.

High-grade SST cylinder components:

·         Delrin bushings

·         SST guide rods

·         SST piston rods

·         Delrin pistons

·         U-cup


All cylinder materials are non-corrosive so that running product, cleaning, or sanitizing does not cause corrosion or impede the cylinder’s motion, resulting in an exact lift time every time and eliminating bending and breakage. Compared to the old type of cylinders, this system virtually eradicates costly maintenance and greasing.

The closed loop system means it maintains constant air pressure to lift the cylinders, providing a smooth and constant lift as bottles enter the filter. The closed loop system also eliminates the need for unreliable and costly spool valves and eliminates contaminants being expelled into the air from the air lift cylinders.

The pull down and lift are controlled by the pull down cam. We manufacture SST cams to prevent wear on the pull down cam and rollers and to ensure smooth and precise bottle lift as the bottles enter the filler.

We had several goals in mind when we developed our centering devices, first and foremost to precisely align the bottle to the filler. This value-added feature keeps the bottle under complete control and is accomplished by the centering device up lift cam that lifts and lowers the centering bell off and onto the bottle as it enters and exits the filler. And, again, we use SST and Delrin plastics to resist corrosion and breakage.

A secondary benefit of our centering system and its complete bottle control capability is the elimination of the need for grippers, backrests, and neck supports, saving you money on replacement parts and time on added maintenance.

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