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World Packaging has created a replacement for existing mechanical and pneumatic valve openers with a very precise and accurate device overseen by a programmable logic computer (PLC). Our device has fewer moving parts and does not come into contact with the bottle—a must when running PET containers and pre-labeled packages.

Our new system uses new state-of-the-art banner sensors to detect missing or down bottles in the infeed. The PLC, in turn, relays the message to the opener and disengages the opener to keep the valve closed. The result is no product loss and no CO2 loss, as well as the remaining bowl contents staying stable, enabling the filler to resume operation. Once the next bottle has been detected, the opener reactivates the valve to continue the filling process. This conversion can be installed in the field.

Bonus Product: Scavenger System

When filling the most difficult products, our new scavenger is a must for maximum filling efficiency. We have teamed our scavenger system with the valve opener to have precise awareness of bottle position at all times. The scavenger activates via commands from the PLC. If there is no bottle in the cylinder the scavenger will not activate.

Once our electro-pneumatic valve opener is installed, the unit is virtually maintenance free. Bottle detection heights can be adjusted from the banner sensors on the infeed conveyor. The same timing collar can be used (provided the same number of pockets on the star wheel match the timing collar pins), again contributing to lowering changeover time and costs associated with loss of CO2 and product.

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